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As the only molecular diagnostics company solely focused on breast cancer, Agendia's groundbreaking genomic testing generates reliable and meaningful clinical data about the unique biology of a woman's breast cancer. Globally backed up by prestigious physicians and institutions, Agendia is shifting the standard of care towards more ideal, personalized treatment.
Prior to genomic profiling, treatment decisions were based solely on clinicopathologic factors - such as the patient's age, tumor grade, lymph node involvement and hormone receptor status. While important to consider, they provide a more superficial view of your patient's breast cancer.
At the genomic level, Agendia provides physicians with a tool that allows the examination of specific genes' activity inside the tumor - how they interact to drive the behavior of a tumor. By pairing these insights with clinical factors, we can more comprehensively understand a woman's unique cancer and more confidently plan her next steps.
MammaPrint is FDA-cleared (US) for women of all ages. The device is also CE marked allowing for use in the European Union.
Mammaprint test is supported by peer reviewed data and highest level of clinical evidence through prospective randomized clinical trial.
Mammaprint is recommended by international guidelines such as ESMO, San Gallen, ASCO and NCCN.

Together, our tests address two critical questions:

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What are the chances her cancer returns?

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What type of cancer am I dealing with?